Full Stack Engineer - Front End

Contract Type:
Full Time Remote

Job Summary

You will design the essential libraries for integration with our backend and frontend as a full-stack front-end engineer, with an emphasis on creating high-fidelity user interfaces and promoting the user experience for our flagship products. Our backend tech stack includes TypeScript, JavaScript, and Solidity. Along with providing users with an experience that leads the industry, you will also be in charge of integrating our smart contracts with our frontends.

Required Skills & Abilities

  • As a front-end developer, you must have demonstrated your ability to deliver software to real consumers, ideally in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Extensive understanding of the inner workings of JavaScript engines and browsers, as well as proficiency working with React.js and other well-known JavaScript frameworks
  • Knowing the fundamentals of design, such as layouts, aesthetics, and how to collaborate with a UX team Implementing web apps in accordance with SEO best practices
  • Able to promote and enforce best practices on the team
  • Have experience working in an agile setting, are accustomed to the tools, and (e.g. Jira, Github)
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication

Education & Experience

  • JS/TS or another general-purpose programming language for at least three years
  • Understanding of of Blockchain architecture, in particular Ethereum
  • Experience with the other skills needed to be successful with our tech stack (Ethereum/EVM, HardHat/TypeChain, GraphQL/Subgraph, etc.)

Requirements & Expectations

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