Sphere has come a long way in a short time. Through tumultuous market conditions, we've launched an entire ecosystem of products that each bring innovation and value. However, Sphere is just getting started.

See where we've been since launch and where we are heading in the very near future.

q1+2 • 2022
Sphere's meteoric launch events were an early sign of the protocol's potential.
Pre-Launch Raise
Both presales were fully sold out within minutes, generating $910k. The public sale then raised the full $1M in just 80 seconds.
dApp & Community
The Web3 dashboard was launched with utilities, and the Discord server was opened to help build the community.
Sphere v2.0
Sphere Finance as a protocol aims to perpetually improve itself over time. After our very first contract, we aimed to improve on what was already created.
Penrose Launch
The very first project built by Sphere for the ecosystem. A yield optimizer for Dystopia, users can earn boosted yields from Dystopia without the need for governance. Sphereans earn fees from Penrose, managed by the team.
Tetu Governance Acquisition
Staying true to our mission, we began investing funds into promising teams with which we collaborate.
Polygon's Liquidity Mining Program
The youngest protocol that round to take part in the program. Our $MATIC reserves soared to new heights.
Sphere Goes Deflationary
With our eyes set on our long-term vision, we removed rebasing as a core mechanism of Sphere.
Sphere Upgrade 2.1
Flexibility is important to us as a protocol. That is why we upgraded our protocol with proxy contract support. We can now upgrade our protocol on the fly.
Website Revamp
We built Sphere Finance to be more than a DeFi project - our vision was to create an interconnected set of solutions to DeFi problems. We updated our website to reflect exactly that.
q3 + 4 • 2022
The Sphere team continued to brush off the bear market by releasing new products that added value and created new sources of revenue for the protocol.
Treasury Yield Upgrade
We strive to maximize our treasury’s performance. Using our expanding ecosystem, we’ve built yield strategies in-house, some of which are only available to the treasury.
Treasury Dashboard
Transparency is key in any project. Sphere reached out to Multichain, the best in the business at the time, to help track the treasury’s performance.
Autoburn Bot, Burnie
Burnie was introduced as the first buyback & burn bot created by Sphere Finance to aid in the deflationary goals of the time.
Unknown Launch
The first cross-chain venture of Sphere Finance. A yield optimizer for Cone, Sphereans earn fees from the protocol‘s performance.
Galaxy Marketplace
The bond marketplace was introduced as a means of swapping $SPHERE at a discount with the treasury to aid in the deflationary goals of the time.
15B $SPHERE tokens leftover from rebases were unminted, permanently reducing the total token supply to just under 9B.
Market Prowess
Sphere managed to sell the local price top of $MATIC three separate times during the bear market, effectively preserving treasury capital.
Real Yield
The concept of real yield was introduced as a more sustainable and effective alternative to buyback-burning.
Growth 1
q1 + 2 2023
Sphere undergoes a strong growth phase, including abolishing taxes, launching Dyson, and more.
Taxes Abolished
All buy, sell, and transfer taxes were abolished, an essential step in Sphere's transition to real yield.
Dyson Launch
Dyson is a yield-maximizer project and a major player in the Sphere ecosystem. Performance fees funnel back to Sphereans via $ylSPHERE rewards.
Introduction of $ylSPHERE
Yield-locked $SPHERE or $ylSPHERE is introduced as the new and primary mechanism by which Sphereans can earn real yield from the Sphere ecosystem.
Internal Restructuring
Team restructuring occurs as Sphere evolves to the changing market conditions.
Dyson Expansion
New vaults are added to Dyson to expand utility and yield opportunities.
Financial Reporting Restructuring
The restructuring of internal financial reporting begins to provide enhanced transparency and accuracy of reports.
Growth 2
q3 + 4 2023
Sphere launches Preon Phase 1, offering zero-interest loans via the $STAR stablecoin, initiates ecosystem integrations, enhances Dyson, introduces $STAR yield farming, and advances treasury reporting.
Preon Phase 1 Launch
Preon, Sphere's collateralized debt position protocol offering zero-percent interest borrowing of the $STAR stablecoin, is launched on Arbitrum, Polygon, and then Base.
Ecosystem Integrations
The synergies between Sphere's ecosystem components begin, starting with integrations between Preon and Dyson.
$STAR Yield
Various yield farming opportunities are created and supported for the $STAR stablecoin, discoverable using Preon's "Earn" page.
Dyson Updates
Updates to Dyson begin including frontend interface updates for a more robust user experience, and API restructuring which will allow for enhanced inter-ecosystem scalability.
Treasury Report
Advancement in Sphere's treasury reporting methodology finalizes to ensure faster report delivery times, demonstrating our commitment to transparency, accuracy, and efficiency.
The Sphere team has an insatiable appetite for breaking new ground in the DeFi space and will continue to build new products, technologies, and partnerships to further the value of the entire Sphere Ecosystem.
Preon Phase 2 Launch
Launch Preon's second phase with its new token, new tokenomics, and new yield opportunities and incentives for $STAR.
Dyson Integration
Increase Dyson's integration with Preon via several mechanisms to provide a robust yield-generating ecosystem for depositors and strengthen Preon's market position.
Sphere Upgrade
Update tokenomics for the $SPHERE token to provide a more robust and dynamic staking environment.
Sphere's very own borrowing/lending platform that will provide further synergy within the ecosystem.
dApp Unification
Integration and linking of all of the Sphere Ecosystem DApps (including Sphere, Dyson, Preon, Spherelend, etc.) to create a unified user experience.
Ecosystem Expansion
Introduction of new products, technologies, and partnerships to strengthen the reach and synergy of the entire Sphere ecosystem.