Sphere has come a long way in a short time. Through tumultuous market conditions, we've launched an entire ecosystem of products that each bring innovation and value. However, Sphere is just getting started.

See where we've been since launch and where we are heading in the very near future.

q1 • 2022
Sphere's meteoric pre-launch events were an early sign of the protocol's potential.
Pre-Launch Raise
Both pre-sales were fully sold out within minutes generating $910k and the Public Sale raised the full $1M in just 80 seconds.
dApp & Community
Web3 investment dashboard with utilities and open Discord server to build the community.
Sphere v2.0
Sphere Finance as a protocol aims to perpetually improve itself over time. After our very first contract, we aimed to improve on what was already created.
Penrose Launch
The very first project built for the ecosystem, by Sphere. A yield optimizer for Dystopia, users can earn boosted yields from Dystopia without the need for governance. Sphereans earn fees from Penrose, which are managed by the team.
Tetu Governance Acquisition
Staying true to our mission, we’ve invested funds into promising teams with which we collaborate.
Successfully Completed Certik Audit
Safety is our #1 priority as a project. That is why we chose some of the top auditors to ensure that our code is as safe and stable as possible. We are also under KYC with CertiK.
Joined Polygon's Liquidity Mining Program
The youngest protocol that round to take part in the program. Our $MATIC reserves soared to new highs, which we grow and manage to date.
Cross-Chain Purchases
Variety of entry is important to a protocol. That is why we made buying $SPHERE from almost every EVM compatible chain available for Sphereans and newcomers to the ecosystem.
Sphere Mobile App
The official Sphere Finance mobile app is a fiat on-ramp solution & gift cards so you can gift $SPHERE to your loved ones.
USD+ Liquidity Pairing
Stability & capital preservation is of the essence when macros are low. We have done that & have grown our position passively using the yield-bearing USD+.
Sphere Goes Deflationary
With our eyes set on the goal to become the center of DeFi, we removed rebasing as a core mechanism of Sphere.
Sphere Upgrade 2.1
Flexibility is important to us as a protocol. That is why we upgraded our protocol with proxy contract support. We can now upgrade our protocol on the fly.
Gauss Partnership
Our first confirmed LaaS client, we will be building DeFi solutions on their chain.
q2 + Q3 • 2022
The Sphere team continues to brush off the bear market by releasing new products that builds value and creates new sources of revenue for the protocol.
Sphere Games v2.0
One of the most popular utilities on Sphere right now, the Games are upgraded to be fully deflationary while rewarding Sphereans.
Website Revamp
Sphere Finance is more than a DeFi project. It is a set of solutions built in a decentralised manner. Our website reflects that.
Treasury Auto-Compounding Upgrade
We strive to maximize our Treasury’s performance. We’ve built our yield strategies in-house which are only available to the Treasury.
Listed on
Public availability is of the essence. That is why we are on one of the biggest Crypto databases to date.
Sphere Games Drip Rewards Launch
S.P.H.E.R.E. Games now offers players emissions in Sphere which they can claim as long as they have $SPHERE deposited in the Games.
Multichain Dashboard
Transparency is key in any project. Sphereans can now track the Treasury’s performance in real time.
Autoburn Bot, Burnie, Receives Upgrade for Sphere Burns
Burnie is the first buyback & burn bot created by Sphere Finance. With savvy investments we have created revenue to upkeep the bot. After careful testing and development, we’ve created a source of buy pressure for Sphere that promotes scarcity and burns tokens.
Unknown Launch
The first cross-chain venture of Sphere Finance. A yield optimiser for Cone, Sphereans earn fees from the protocol‘s performance.
Penrose Improvements & Upgrades
Penrose and Unknown are continuously improved upon to ensure ease of use when farming.
Galaxy Marketplace
The third deflationary product by Sphere Finance. Galaxy Marketplace is a bond marketplace that allows for buying $SPHERE at a discount with the treasury. A part of the profits is used to provide liquidity to $SPHERE and burn tokens.
The fourth deflationary product of $SPHERE. Dyson is a maximiser project with exotic strategies. A part of the performance fees is used to burn $SPHERE or deepen liquidity.
Next Steps
q4 + Beyond
The Sphere team has an unsatiable appetite for breaking new ground in the DeFi space and will continue to build new products, technology, and partnerships to further the value of the entire Sphere Ecosystem.
Preon Launch
A lending protocol and stablecoin which allows for leveraging at no interest with real yield opportunities.
Liquid Market
Making your governance flow. Deposit your yield bearing tokens and earn yields without needing to lock or stake them.
Sphere v3.0
The newest evolution to Sphere Finance as a protocol. V3 transitions $SPHERE to the governance token of Sphere Finance’s treasury. Users can lock their tokens and earn yield based on the fees earned from its ecosystem & vote using its governance tokens to earn bribes.
Covenant Launch
A bribing marketplace for protocols in need of liquidity. We offer capital efficiency to an ever-growing market. Projects and entities can post bribe offers on our marketplace & let our contracts distribute the rewards. 
Quantum Liquidity
Quantum Liquidity is an innovative solution for growing liquidity passively.
Quantum Liquidity As A Service
Quantum Liquidity is something every project needs. We are offering our technology to any project who wants to use our services. 
With so much to come, such as...
  • Codename "Arcturus" Protocol Launch 
  • Aggressively expand existing ecosystem projects to new chains
  • Once chain expansion is complete, address any protocol improvements and deploy upgrades
  • Expand both Exotic and [Regular] Dyson investment strategies
  • Codename "Epsilon Pegasi" Protocol Launch
  • Aggressive Expansion of Preon to new chains
  • Dedicated maintenance and upgrade to Sphere Protocol
  • Leverage strength of Preon and Dyson to build new Chain relationships
  • Seek out any new DEXs to increase Sphere's purchasing accessibility 
  • Codename "Denebola" Protocol  Launch
  • Reimagine, Revisit and Rebuild UI
  • Add new resources to seek out new partnerships
  • Codename "Rigel" Protocol Launch
  • Reconfigure Burnie, Fred and Carl to buy and burn more aggressively 
  • Relaunch websites reflecting new ecosystem 
  • Upgrade and Expand Spheres team
  • Codename "Pleiades" Protocol Launch
  • Deploy Finalized Version of Galaxy Marketplace