Full Stack Engineer - Smart Contracts

Contract Type:
Full Time Remote

Job Summary

To ensure our rapid expansion and ongoing innovation in this exciting field, we are seeking a superb full-stack engineer to join our team and collaborate closely with Simsala (Founder) and other programmers to create DeFi solutions!

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Strong written and vocal technical and non-technical communication skills
  • Experience with React, Redux, and other frontend technologies
  • Previous experience in a start-up environment (Optional)
  • Previous experience in a highly scaled, major tech company
  • A deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • A deep understanding of proxy contracts
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot problems and solve them
  • Experience implementing complex math in Solidity

Education & Experience

  • 4 years minimum of professional software development experience
  • Development of smart contracts over more than two years, including production deployments of novel, complex protocols and associated security audits
  • A strong desire to write clear, performant, and extensible code in order to produce trustworthy and scalable products.
  • Extensive knowledge of Git and Github
  • Exceptional skill with Solidity and the EVM
  • Ability to strike a balance between infrastructure development and rapid shipping
  • Knowledge of creating, constructing, extending, and implementing APIs
  • Someone who promotes and is knowledgeable about incremental code refactoring to maintain a codebase's quality while ensuring that the systems are scalable.
  • Strong coding standards, such as unit testing, peer code reviews, and a penchant for agile development

Requirements & Expectations

  • A deep understanding of DeFi and the ability to communicate necessary strategy with a team
  • Willingness to take lead if necessary of a protocol
  • Deep understanding of the Sphere ecosystem

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